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5 Popular Uses for Botox®

5 Popular Uses for Botox®

Botox® is the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment in the United States, with millions of treatments performed every year. The reasons why are simple: Botox has an established safety profile, treatments are quick and affordable, and — best of all — they work!

Botox injections are also versatile, helping to smooth out dynamic wrinkles in just about every part of your face and neck. Injections get their wrinkle-smoothing power from the solution’s ability to temporarily block nerve signals that cause your muscles to contract and tug on your skin.

At Wellife Center, our team draws from a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure Botox injections are optimized for each person’s unique treatment goals. Wondering what areas Botox can treat? Here are five of the most popular.

#1: Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet — a cute name for a not-so-cute problem. Crow’s feet are those little wrinkles or “smile lines” that extend outward from the corners of your eyes. They’re one of the first signs of facial aging, and they’re visible from pretty much every angle.

Botox smooths out crow’s feet by blocking the nerve signals that contract the tiny muscles at the outer corners of your eyes. Your eyes will still be expressive — but they won’t look tired and old.

#2: Forehead lines

Also called glabellar lines, horizontal forehead lines or bands are what you see when you scrunch up your eyebrows. When you’re young, those lines disappear when you relax your brows. But as you get older, repeated movements leave the lines etched into your skin.

Botox works by relaxing specific forehead muscles, so your skin looks smoother and your face looks less worn out. A bonus of these injections: They can help gently elevate your brows for a mini lid lift.

#3: Brow furrows

In gardening, a furrow is a little trench made before planting a row of seeds. In facial aesthetics, brow furrows are those little vertical “trenches” that form between your eyebrows, especially when your frown.

Like other dynamic wrinkles, these lines form after years of “furrowing your brow.” Botox targets the muscles responsible for horizontal brow lines to help you look less tired, more youthful — and even less annoyed.

#4: Lip lines

Sometimes called smoker’s lines, vertical lip lines affect everybody, including people who’ve never smoked. Vertical lip lines that form at the edges of your lips develop over the years as a result of normal talking and lip “pursing.”

Botox injections around your lips smooth out these tiny lines, and there’s a bonus: By relaxing the muscles around your mouth, your lips may look fuller and “poutier” — even without fillers.

#5: Neck bands

Aging effects don’t stop at your chin. Your neck ages, too. As you get older, both vertical and horizontal lines start to form, mostly as your skin loses some of its natural volume. 

Botox can be used to treat both types of neck bands — the horizontal lines and the tough, vertical “cords” that become more prominent with age. Many patients opt to have Botox neck treatments at the same time as their Botox facial treatments.

Achieve your goals with Botox

Don’t let annoying signs of aging take a toll on your self-confidence. With Botox, you can smooth out those pesky wrinkles and lines, and enjoy a more relaxed, more youthful look without surgery. To learn more about Botox treatments at our practice in Sandy Springs, Georgia, call Wellife Center at 678-274-4928 or book an appointment online with our team today.

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