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Are You a Good Candidate for a Laser Lipo Lift?

Are You a Good Candidate for a Laser Lipo Lift?

Breast enhancement is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But despite that popularity, there are plenty of women who would love to have breast enhancement, but don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure.

A laser lipo lift offers the best of both worlds — fuller breasts without the downsides of a major surgical procedure. Instead, a laser lipo lift uses your own fat, transferring from one part of your body to your breasts, for results that are soft, beautiful, and natural.

Wellife Center is a leading provider of laser lipo lift treatments for patients in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Here’s how to tell if a laser lipo lift could be a good choice for you.

Laser lipo lift: How it works

The laser lipo lift combines the technology of laser liposuction, the cutting-edge science of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and the simplicity of fat transfer to achieve beautiful breast enhancement without surgery or artificial implants. 

During laser lipo lift treatments, our team uses the BeautifillTM laser-assisted liposuction system to harvest fat from another part of your body, like your waist or flanks. The Beautifill system uses laser technology to gently loosen fat before removing it, preserving more of the living fat cells than traditional liposuction. 

The fat cells are gently processed to remove extraneous materials, then reinjected into your breasts to enhance their natural volume. Over time, these cells become reimplanted in your breasts, providing a permanent boost in fullness. 

During your lift, your doctor also injects PRP, a blood-derived product that helps rejuvenate damaged tissues. In the laser lipo lift, PRP helps promote collagen, a tough fiber that helps support breast tissue while also helping your breasts look and feel firmer.

Best candidates for laser lipo lift

A laser lipo lift can be an excellent choice for anyone who wants breast enhancement, but doesn’t want to have more invasive surgery — or the risks that go along with it. It’s also a good choice for women who want to avoid having saline or silicone breast implants.

Because it’s not a surgery, laser lipo lifts don’t provide the same amount of lifting as surgery that repositioned underlying tissue and muscle. If you have significant sagging, a laser lipo lift procedure may not be the ideal choice.

Because a laser lipo lift enhances breast size using your own fat, it also may not be a good choice for someone who has very little body fat available to harvest and transfer. People with bleeding disorders should also consult closely with their doctor before having a laser lipo lift.

As with any cosmetic treatment, it’s important to have realistic goals before undergoing a laser lipo lift. During your initial consultation, our team will review your own unique goals to determine if a laser lipo lift is right for you.

Breast enhancement without implants

If you’ve been thinking about breast enhancement, but the idea of undergoing augmentation surgery is unappealing, a laser lipo lift could be the solution you’re looking for. To learn more, call 678-274-4928 or book an appointment online with Wellife Center today.

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