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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Here’s What You Need to Know

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Here’s What You Need to Know

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) plays a vital role in helping lots of men and women fight back against the signs of aging, replacing some of the hormones your body no longer produces. 

For years, there was only one type of hormone therapy — now often called “traditional” hormone therapy. But today, bioidentical HRT (BHRT) is widely used, primarily because researchers believe BHRT is associated with a lower incidence of side effects.

At Wellife Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia, our team uses bioidentical hormone therapy as part of our treatments for sexual dysfunction, aging, and other men’s and women’s health issues. Here’s how bioidentical hormone therapy works — and how it could help you.

What to expect during BHRT

Hormone replacement therapy starts with an assessment of your symptoms and a physical exam, usually accompanied by lab tests. These tests measure your hormone levels, and they can also be used to rule out other possible issues.

Hormone therapeutics are available in different forms, like:

The method that’s used, the dosing, and other factors will be based on your symptoms and your treatment goals. Throughout your therapy, we may check your hormone levels and adjust it as needed.

Bioidentical HRT vs. traditional HRT

To understand why bioidentical therapy is the preferred type of hormone therapy, you need to know a little bit about hormones. Hormones are chemicals, and like any other chemical, each type of hormone has a unique molecular structure. Your body is “designed” to process your natural hormones based on those molecular structures.

Traditional hormones are synthetic chemicals that are made in a lab. These chemicals have a molecular structure that’s not the same as the hormones they replace. It’s harder for your body to process these hormones, and it’s also harder for them to be eliminated. When your body can’t get rid of those hormones, they build up and create an excess that can cause unpleasant and even serious side effects.

Bioidentical hormones are also synthetic hormones. But unlike the hormones used in traditional HRT, bioidentical hormones do have the same molecular structure as your natural hormones. That means they can be processed, used, and eliminated the same way as your natural hormones for a more natural effect — and a lower risk of side effects.

The benefits of BHRT

Hormones — including sex hormones — play a big role in more than just your sexual health. Bioidentical hormone therapy may help if you have symptoms like:

It may also provide relief for people with medical conditions, including:

The key to getting the most benefits from BHRT is to make sure you have a healthcare provider who’s experienced in custom HRT treatments, like the team at Wellife Center.

Don’t let low hormone levels take a toll on your health and wellness. To learn more about bioidentical HRT at Wellife Center, call or book an appointment online today.

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