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How Does Stress Impact Sexual Health?

How Does Stress Impact Sexual Health?

It’s easy to think of sex as a physical act, but your emotional health plays a surprisingly big role, too. In fact, if you have acute or chronic stress, both arousal and sexual “performance” can be affected, as well as your enjoyment. 

At Wellife Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia, our team helps men and women find solutions for sexual health issues so they can enjoy greater intimacy, better relationships, and improved overall wellness. Here’s how chronic stress could be taking a toll on your sexual health.

The connection between stress and sex

The actual interplay between stress and sex is complex, and researchers are still learning more about the delicate balance between stress responses and sexual function. What they do know is that stress affects sexual function and libido in these key ways:

Those are some of the more obvious ways stress affects sexual function. But there are subtle effects, too.

Stress affects your metabolism, leading to weight gain that can make you feel less confident and comfortable with your appearance. Chronic stress affects heart health and circulation, which in turn affects sexual arousal and erectile funtion. 

Stress-related sleep problems can make you too tired and disinterested for sex. And finally, feeling stressed out takes a toll on your relationship, making it a lot harder to get “in the mood.”

Improving stress, improving sex

So, how do you manage your stress levels? Ironically, having sex is a great way to reduce stress. But if stress is keeping you from having and enjoying sex, it creates a cycle that can be hard to break. The key is to approach the stress-sex connection from a holistic, whole-patient perspective.

Treatment begins with a physical exam and an in-depth review of your symptoms and your lifestyle so our team can gain an understanding of the issues and challenges you’re dealing with. Your provider may recommend therapy or lifestyle changes to help manage stress, along with options like:

In addition, Wellife Center offers an array of treatment options for sexual dysfunction, including:

Treatments can be administered singly or in combination, depending on your symptoms, needs, and goals.

Custom care for your optimal wellness

Physical, emotional, and sexual health can — and do — change with age. Our team specializes in custom treatment plans that can be adjusted and altered over time, helping you stay healthy and enjoy the best possible quality of life. To learn more about treatments for your emotional and sexual health, book an appointment with Wellife Center online or over the phone today.

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