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How ESWT Wave Therapy Is Revolutionizing Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

How ESWT Wave Therapy Is Revolutionizing Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

About 30 million American men have erectile dysfunction (ED) — that’s roughly 30 percent of the adult male population in the United States. But even though it’s common, if you suffer from ED, it’s easy to feel like you’re all alone.

That’s because erectile dysfunction is about more than sexual function. If you have ED, it can take a direct hit on your self-confidence and self-esteem, too. 

Fortunately, advances in medicine and science have ushered in an array of innovative treatments for ED. At Wellife Center, our team offers extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) as a cornerstone treatment for erectile dysfunction, helping men improve their sexual function and their self-confidence, too.

How ESWT works

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment (extracorporeal means “outside the body”) performed in our office on an outpatient basis. The treatment uses a special handheld device to administer controlled waves of energy that stimulate natural healing responses and improve erectile function.

Shockwave therapy has been used in medicine for years, notably for the nonsurgical treatment of kidney stones. It’s also widely used to treat an array of orthopedic issues, including tendonitis, bursitis, and plantar fasciitis. ESWT for ED works in a similar way, but it uses lower-intensity energy waves.

ESWT is primarily used for men with vasculogenic ED, where circulatory problems make it harder to get and maintain an erection. The repeated bursts of energy stimulate the formation of new blood vessels in the penis. These blood vessels improve circulation, providing the blood flow that’s necessary for normal erectile activity.

At the same time, shockwave therapy helps the body produce more nitric oxide, a chemical that helps blood vessels relax. Increased nitric oxide expands the blood vessels, allowing more blood to reach the penis. Plus, ESWT may also enhance nerve stimulation for increased sensitivity.

ESWT treatment: What to expect

Prior to treatment, your doctor applies a gel to your skin. The gel improves contact with the applicator and helps conduct the energy waves through your skin to the deeper tissues.

During treatment, the applicator is held against your skin and moved across the treatment area for a specific period of time. Most treatments take about 15-20 minutes. The strength and frequency of the energy waves can be adjusted based on your needs.

Throughout treatment, you’ll feel the waves of energy as they pass through your skin. Most patients report a tingling sensation, but no pain during their session. While it’s certainly possible to see improvement after a single treatment, most patients benefit from a series of treatments to optimize the treatment’s benefits.

ESWT can be used alone or in combination with oral ED medications. It’s also successfully used to treat penile curvature due to Peyronie’s disease.

Get treatment for your ED

Research shows ESWT is effective in improving both erectile function and penile hardness — without medication, injections, or penis pumps. And because ESWT works on the underlying cause of ED, it may help improve penis function naturally over time.

Because it’s nonsurgical and noninvasive, ESWT is a good choice for most men with vasculogenic ED. To learn how it can help you, call the office in Sandy Springs, Georgia, or book an appointment online today.

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