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Do You Know How Well You Are Aging?


Aging Is Effected By Your DNA

Your body follows the commands it receives from the brain. It takes whatever resources received (food, rest, water, nutrients, etc.) and makes the best use it can for your continual survival and biological cell aging. These are unconscious choices ... made without you actively thinking about it. Even if you did think about how you want the resources used, it would make no difference! The “command instruction manual” is based on programming in your DNA.


...But DNA Is Not Destiny

You have the ability to influence how your gene code is expressed. Chemical tags on DNA allow some genes to be turned on and some genes to be turned off. This is called epigenetic modification. Recent research sheds light on how epigenetics controls cellular aging.


Epigenetics Determines How You Age

Epigenetics is greatly influenced by environmental signals acting upon your DNA through food, air, water, drugs, nutrients, sleep, movement, and mental attitude. Epigenetics determines optimal aging.


We can Help You Reduce Your Cellular Age!

Our wellness assessment system can provide you with a picture of how your body is handling epigenetic factors and tell you your cellular age versus your biological age. Change your epigenetic factors ... Change your cellular age! We can Help You Reduce Your Cellular Age!



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