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What Is Staywell Direct Primary Care?

Wellife Center is a direct primary care facility, which means that we are able to give our patients the time, attention, and care they need right when they need it. StayWellTM Direct Primary Care is our concierge medical service that cuts out the go-between of insurance companies. By doing this, we are in control of the patient care timing and frequency. Our patients visit us when needed without the worry of how they will pay for their care. And when they do visit, our appointment times can last up to an hour if they need it. This is vastly different than the 15 – 20-minute appointment times offered by standard care and allows us to really get to know our patients. At Wellife Center, our patients pay a quarterly or yearly fee that covers all of their visits for that period, whether they have insurance or not.

How do sick and wellness StaywellTM DPC visits work? 

One of the main benefits of direct primary care (DPC) is that we are able to give you more time, attention, and care than a standard insurance-based practice. Maybe you're not feeling well and are wondering if you need to drive into our Wellife Center, Atlanta office. The Medical Team at Wellife Center is available by telehealth so your symptoms can be reviewed from your location. We will also let you know if an in person visit is necessary. If so, we'll get you scheduled right away.

As a direct primary care facility, our appointments are similar to that of a standard practice; however, you can get in quicker, spend less time in our waiting room and more time with your care provider and don't have a copay since all officevisits are covered in your individualized payment plan. Or perhaps, you're too sick to come in or you just need a prescription refilled— you can schedule a SICK CALL through StayWell Telehealth. StayWell Telehealth visits allow our office to conduct an appointment without you leaving your home by using a computer or smartdevice. Even if you're not sick, it's important to keep up with your wellness visits, too, so we can keep you well. Both sick and wellness visits are covered in your standard payment plan with Wellife Center.

How is StaywellTM DPC different?

The main difference between Wellife Center and other standard insurance-based care practices is that we are able to offer our patients the flexibility of monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment schedules. We offer many of the same services that standard insurance-based care offers. We can order tests, refer you to specialists and provide medically necessary prescriptions. Our fee includes things like access to clinical and lab services, consultations, comprehensive care management, compounded medication, prescription refills and more time with the medical team at Wellife Center. Your StayWell DPC plan includes an annual wellness checkup and access to all Wellife Center services such as IV Therapy, Body Contouring, Medical Aesthetics and Weight Loss Plans at a 20% discount. The plan also includes unlimited Oxygen Bar and Brain Tap services.

We are here for you when you need us.

At Wellife Center we offer our patients quality care outside of the traditional insurance-based care model. Quarterly, or yearly payment plans give you the flexibility to visit us when you need to without racking up a large bill. Our goal is to help you achieve your health goals, Feel Good, Look Good, and Be Well. Call Wellife Center for more information today! Average monthly cost $90 - $135

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