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Food Sensitivity Program

Common questions asked by patients: How do you get tested for food sensitivities? Can you overcome food sensitivities? Where can I get tested for food intolerance? What is the most accurate food sensitivity test?
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Food Sensitivity Program Near Me in Atlanta, GA
Food Sensitivity Program Near Me in Atlanta, GA

Food Allergy vs. Food Sensitivity

Both food sensitivity and food allergy are conditions that involve physical reactions to foods. However, the physical reactions are quite different. A food allergy is an immune response that can result in hives or difficulty breathing. The response is usually immediate and can be life-threatening. Common sources of food allergies are nuts, shellfish, and certain fruit. Food sensitivity is an umbrella term that encompasses symptoms that can arise from difficulty digesting a food or susceptibility to the effects of a food such as headache, migraine, fatigue, acne, brain fog and more. These symptoms do not involve an immune response. Laboratory tests do exist for both allergy and food sensitivity. Addressing the root cause of food allergies often involve eliminating the offending food(s) from the diet. On the other hand, addressing the root cause of food sensitivity is more complex because it is the result of a functional system issue and requires a functional medicine solution.

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