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Peptide Therapy Questions and Answers

Wondering if peptide therapy is right for you? At Wellife Center in Atlanta GA, we administer peptide therapy for a variety of needs. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online.

Peptide Therapy Near Me in Atlanta, GA
Peptide Therapy Near Me in Atlanta, GA

What are peptide therapies?

Peptide therapies are a relatively new approach to treating a variety of health issues and concerns. It has gained popularity in recent years, as the increased wide use has had very positive impacts for all kinds of people, and the science continues to emerge about its effectiveness and potential benefits.

You may already be familiar with peptides, as they are commonly advertised in many cosmetic products and supplements, for their proclaimed anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and other benefits. Essentially, peptides are smaller, different versions of proteins. They occur naturally in food, but can also be made synthetically, as they sometimes are in various supplements. An example of this is collagen peptides, a widely popular supplement that is said to help with visible signs of aging, and other things like joint and bone health.

In general, peptide therapies can refer to any instance where peptides are used to address a health condition or concern, including in supplement form, or with creams and even nasal sprays. However, peptide therapy is typically administered in the form of an injection into the skin.

Can peptides help arthritis?

Peptides have anti-inflammatory properties. Since arthritis is, in general, an inflammatory reaction in the body, peptides can have some positive impact on the overall treatment of arthritis. Some studies have found that specific types of peptides can help reduce inflammation in patients with arthritis, leading to some relief of arthritis symptoms.

It is very important that you consult with a physician, and a professional like the ones at Wellife Center before pursuing peptide therapy for your arthritis. While it is generally considered safe, it is important to have a healthcare practitioner understand and evaluate your arthritis, personal medical history, and the treatment options you are currently undergoing, as well as what might be best for you.

What do peptide injections do?

Peptide injections can have a variety of benefits and outcomes, depending on your health concern and personal history. Once peptides are absorbed into the body, they have the potential to increase your body’s natural productions of things like hGH, which is a hormone responsible for various processes like anti-aging and physical strength.

The impacts of a peptide injection will also have to do with what kinds of peptides are used and how much, which will depend on your health concern and needs. Some peptides can aid in fat loss, while others can help reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms of issues like arthritis or various autoimmune conditions. Research has shown that peptide injections can also potentially help lower high blood pressure, act similarly to antioxidants, and help with your overall immune function.

Do doctors prescribe peptides?

Some doctors may prescribe peptides, depending on your health issue and needs. Peptides are legal and widely used, and if they are prescribed, they should only be done so by a licensed medical professional that knows your personal health history and can monitor the use and administration. That said, you don’t need a prescription to use peptides or receive peptide injections. At Wellife Center, we can provide a consultation and answer your questions about peptide therapies and peptide injections; you don’t need a prescription or referral from a healthcare provider to come and see us.

What are the side effects of using peptides?

In general, peptides are safe and legal, and will typically only have side effects if used incorrectly, or not monitored and administered by a licensed professional. You can purchase supplements with peptides on your own, and in that case, use them as directed on the label in order to avoid any potential side effects. Topical creams containing peptides can cause a reaction that leads to skin sensitivity, including itching and redness. If you receive peptide injections, slight pain, itchiness or sensitivity at the injection site may occur. Some people experience dry mouth or increased hunger. There are potential serious side effects, such as kidney or joint pain, but these are more likely to occur if peptides are used incorrectly or too much.

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