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When it comes to optimizing health and wellness, regular exercise is a key player. To support your body goals and fitness needs, Norma Curby, ND, and the team at the Wellife Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia, offer a medical gym. At the medical gym, they provide body contouring, muscle building, skin tightening, intravenous (IV) hydration, lymphatic massage, and much more. To schedule a consultation at the Wellife Center to learn more about how the medical gym can help you, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Medical Gym Q&A

What is a medical gym?

The medical gym is one of the innovative services available at the Wellife Center. The team of health professionals takes a holistic approach to care and offers many advanced treatments and therapies to optimize your health and well-being.

What are the medical gym services?

The Wellife Center offers an array of medical gym services. Whether you have concerns about the look or shape of your body or want to improve your athletic performance, the Wellife Center has a treatment for you.

The medical gym services include:

Body contouring and muscle building

To improve muscle tone and strength, the Wellife Center uses Emsculpt®. This innovative body contouring and muscle-building device uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to induce thousands of powerful deep muscle contractions you can’t achieve during a normal workout.

With Emsculpt, the HIFEM forces the deep layers of your muscle to adapt, build, and remodel, improving muscle tone, size, and strength, giving you a sleek, toned, and strong look.

Average cost: $750. Recovery: none.

Body sculpting and fat reduction

For body sculpting and fat reduction, the Wellife Center team uses Accent Prime. Using ultrasonic radio waves, Accent Prime quickly destroys unwanted bulges of subcutaneous fat while at the same time toning and tightening your skin.

Average cost: $500. Recovery: none.

The Wellife Center also uses BeautiFill™ for body sculpting and fat reduction. BeautiFill is a laser liposuction tool that removes unwanted fat cells from one area of your body and transfers it to other areas of your body to restore volume. 

Average cost: varies. Recovery: varies.

Skin tightening

The Wellife Center uses Secret™ RF for skin tightening treatments at the medical gym. Secret RF combines radiofrequency energy with microneedling to improve the tone and texture of your skin from the inside out.  

Average cost: $750. Recovery: 6 hours.

Oxygen bar

The oxygen bar at the Wellife Center provides high concentrations of purified oxygen to improve energy, sports performance, and mood. 

Average cost: free with most medical gym services. Recovery: none.

IV hydration and nutrient drips

To support recovery after an intense workout, race, or game, the Wellife Center provides IV hydration and nutrient drips. 

Average cost: starting at $120. Recovery: none.

Lymphatic and medical massage

The lymphatic and medical massage services improve circulation and help your body eliminate toxins that may impair your health or athletic performance. 

Average cost: $110. Recovery: none.

Am I a candidate for the medical gym?

Schedule a consultation at the Wellife Center to see if you’re a candidate for medical gym services. Whether for health, fitness, or appearance, the medical gym may provide the treatment or therapy you need to meet your goals.

Call the Wellife Center or schedule your medical gym consultation online today. 

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