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About Wellife Center

About Us

Wellife Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia, is the place to come if you want to focuses on health protocols that support healthy graceful aging for every age group. It is the result of over 20 years of study, practice, and personal experimentation by mother and daughter Naturopathic Doctors Norma Curby, ND, and Brittany Curby, who specialize in anti-aging, functional, and regenerative medicine. The concept had humble beginnings with each of them working to discover solutions to their own health challenges.

Norma’s health rejuvenation journey started late in life at age 50. She was a senior executive in a Fortune 100 company working in a stressful high-pressure job, burning the candle at both ends. She eventually experienced multiple health issues including weight gain, fatigue, severe joint pains, memory issues, and headaches. She was told by her medical doctor that her key health statistics were just fine, and her symptoms were associated with just getting older. Getting older’ did not tell her anything about how her body was supposed to work or what to expect in the coming years. She set out to find the answers. She began her professional career as an engineer and always curious about how things work. She needed to know how her body was supposed to work. That quest for information about the human body led her to the medical field.

Brittany’s health journey began before Norma’s when she was quite young. She had always been athletic. Participating in sports and dance from a very early age made her very tuned in to how her body was functioning. She was a teenager when she realized her vibrant health was waning. Initial diagnoses of allergies addressed some symptoms, but her body’s vibrancy did not return. It was freshman year in college when she realized something was significantly off-kilter with her health. She had symptoms of widespread pain and overall body weaknesses even though she was doing the same things her best friends were doing who did not have any similar symptoms.

Over the next few years, Brittany collaborated with medical practitioners, studied health, and reviewed every bit of health information she could get her hands on. But despite various diagnoses that tried to explain and address symptoms of rashes, brain fog, headaches, body pains, and muscular weaknesses, some symptoms would go away just to be replaced by new ones. She finally realized that addressing her health issue symptom by symptom and organ by organ was not getting her to a vibrant health state. She needed an approach to get to the root cause. They learned that there was one common denominator that affected both of their health, and over the years, came to realize it also affected the health of all of their patients. That common denominator was chronic stress leading to wear and degradation of the body. Chronic stress comes in many forms, not only emotional and psychological but also nutritional and physical. They also learned that the ravages of chronic stress on the body could be reversed. Healthy aging takes a commitment to gain knowledge of how the body works and apply smart health strategies. It also requires understanding that everyone metabolically unique and the solutions to address individual health issues are also unique.

Some of the services provided at the practice are Medical Aesthetics, Men’s & Women’s Health and Functional Medicine.

The center’s mission is to provide services for patients that allow them to work on wiser health strategies as they age. Cellular aging begins the moment and individual leaves the womb. Wellife Center focuses on health protocols that support healthy graceful aging for every age group. Our approach to health begins with a focus on brain health and the importance of understanding bio individuality of every patient. The brain controls how the rest of the body ages. Here you can explore nutrient protocols for migraines, depression, sleep issues, focus, anxiety and performance before moving on to body contouring protocols. We help patients shortcut years of trial and error practices designed to ultimately help them feel good, look good and be well.

Our protocols are developed based on our core values. We believe …

  • Health is controlled at the cellular level.
  • If the cells are revived, the body will heal itself.
  • In utilizing both holistic and integrative protocols.
  • Combining naturopathic, conventional and regenerative medicine provides a tailored health solution for each of our patients.
  • Science and data produce the best solutions.

Office Tour

At Wellife Center, our goal is to provide our patients with the best quality care in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. For any questions, please contact our office and our friendly and professional team of providers will be there to help.